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Local Search Solutions LLC

Local Search Solutions LLC | Outsourced Digital Marketing

Local Search Solutions LLC's Bio:

Local Search Solutions, LLC is an outsourced digital marketing, SEO and PPC company on the Kansas side of Kansas City, Missouri.  We help businesses across the U.S. by serving as their outsourced digital marketing department. The high cost of salaries, taxes, administration, ongoing training and employee turnover can cripple a company. Especially in regards to an ever changing industry like digital marketing. For the cost of two entry level or one mid-level employee, you can have access to an entire team of SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media and website development/management professionals. Getting ROI from your digital marketing is what's important. If you want to focus on making your digital work for you, contact us today!    

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Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaign Management, Lead Generation, Marketing ROI, Outsourcing Digital Marketing, Online Public Relations, Inbound Marketing, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, Local SEO

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